7 Things That Make Your Feet Smell Bad


Feet Hygiene
5.Excess Dead Skin

The feet have some of the thickest skin in the human body. Most of this skin is made of dead skin cells. Over time, this skin may accumulate to form a noticeably huge chunk of skin on the soles of the feet. This layer of skin tends to start rotting after some time. As the dead layer of skin sloughs off, it may not completely com off. The result is that this dead layer of flesh forms cracks that act as a perfect bleeding ground for bacteria. It is advisable to keep this huge layer of dead skin to a minimum. This can be done by using a rough stone to rub off this excess skin.

6.Using a Single Pair of Shoes 

If one has this very serious medical condition, they should consider the pairs of shoes they have. If one has only a single pair, then this is likely cause of the smelly feet. Shoes need to be aired out for some time before they can be worn again. Bacteria survive in dump conditions, which are brought about by always having the same pair of shoes on. One should make an effort to purchase at least two pairs of shoes.

7.Alcohol Abuse and Lack of Proper Diet

This is one of the most common causes of smelly feet. Generally, if one makes it a habit to imbibe alcohol at every opportunity, it will affect the normal functioning of the body. One of the most obvious signs of this will be having a nasty body odor. No matter one’s best effort to scrub up, it is very hard to get rid of the odor. This is because the nasty odor originates internally origin and is not form the surface. The smelly odor is made worse by having a poor diet. As chemicals pile up in the body, the body tries to get rid of them by breaking them down in the liver and excreting them through sweating. However, the liver will most likely be compromised by the alcohol abuse. The result is that the body begins to die off. One of the most obvious signs of this slow but sure death is smelly feet.