Top 3 Foods You Should Not Eat Based on Your Blood



Foods to Avoid for Type AB Blood
Anyone who has the type AB blood should have a diet rich in vegetables and fruits. The reason that consuming the fruits and vegetables are so important to the person with this blood type is because they have a much more challenging time breaking down meats. Each time meat is part of the meal, a significant amount of stomach acid is needed to break down the components of the food. While typically a person with type A blood is prone to low stomach acid and one with type B blood can tolerate the consumption of meat, the combination of the A and B components in individuals change the way foods are digested. The top three foods a type AB blood person should avoid are:

1. Meats
2. Chicken
3. Carbonated Beverages

Any person who has the blood type AB must limit their meat intake, substituting tofu as a healthy alternative. The lectin in chicken is especially problematic for anyone with AB blood, it irritates the digestive tract and can lead to numerous diseases. To increase the level of stomach acid, those with AB blood can take bitter herbs and the amino acid L-histidine and bitter herbs.


Foods to Avoid for Type O Blood
With nearly 40% of the population having type O blood, we will spend a considerable amount of time discussing why certain foods affect these people. The type O blood is considered to be the hunter blood type, basically meaning that the type O person thrives on diets that are rich in animal proteins. Type O blood types can eat a variety of fish, poultry, and organic meats. People who have this type blood have higher than average stomach acid content, which basically means they are more efficient than other blood types at digesting meats.

The type O blood types have lower levels of thyroid hormones, which makes them more prone to fatigue and weight gain when eating the wrong foods. Despite this condition, the type O types have an over active immune system, robust digestive system, and use physical activities to combat stress. The top three foods a type O blood person should avoid are:

1. Pasta
2. Dairy Products
3. Certain vegetables